About Us

Foxbo International being an experienced manufacturer and designer of game sportswear and active wear for all kinds of athletes and corporates. At Foxbo Sportswears, we are motivated by our mission to provide an active lifestyle with a sense of fitness, health, and connectivity with the community. We provide a wide range of athleisure and workout clothes to help people generate the best of their abilities and performance.

Our vision to build a bond of trust with our customers, as well as our employees, will be our guide to become a Leader in sportswear markets. With products ranging from a variety of active wear to gym clothes and casual wear, we want to provide our customers with a dynamic and sustainable choice that will help them retain their connection to relevant modern market needs.

Innovation, Sustainability, and Integrity have always been our motto. To comply with today’s needs keeping in mind tomorrow’s, we are looking forward to working with you as partners in trust and building a strong business community.